Fun in the Sun on the Art Islands

Easy access from Takamatsu port

Board one of the many ferry boats departing Takamatsu for destinations near and far.  These boats offer easy access to the Art Islands.  Enjoy sunning yourself on the upper decks of the car ferry or take advantage of the quick access provided by the speed ferries.

Click the photos above for a complete listing of art installations on each island.

Naoshima is the best known of the Art Islands, and its art is generally divided between the Benesse and Honmura areas.  Benesse is home to several major museums including the Ando Tadao designed Benesse House Museum, Lee Fan Museum, and the remarkable Chichu Art Museum with its jaw dropping Monet 'Water Lilies' room.  For more information on the Chichu Art Museum, click here.

Art House Project Ishibashi houses artist Hiroshi Senju's stunning installation, 'The Falls'.

Art House Project Minamidera by Ando Tadao challenges your perceptions of reality and forces you to patiently let the 'art' reveal itself to you.

Teshima is quickly establishing itself as a favorite among visitors to the Art Islands.  It's home to one of the most transformative art experiences in the world today, the Teshima Art Museum.  Artist Rei Naito's simple use of water, light, wind and sound inside this beautiful structure designed by Ryu Nishizawa will leave leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about 'art'.  For more information about the Teshima art museum, click here.

Lunch on Teshima island

Biking across Teshima island

Not to be outdone by its larger and more famous brethren, Inujima boats one of the more dramatic and thought provoking museums in all of Japan.  A comfortable boat ride from Naoshima island, Inujima is a very well organized art experience with a main ticket hall which allows for the purchase of your museum/art house tickets and your return ferry ticket all in one.  Comfortable cafes, friendly locals and thought provoking installations make this a great day-tripping destination.

Inujima island's stunning Seirensho art museum is a hidden gem that ranks among Japan's best.  Artist Yukinori Yang and architect Hiroshi Sambuichi have created a one-of-a-kind experience in this former copper refinery.

For more information on the Seirensho art museum:  click here

The Olive Island of Shodoshima is indeed the heart of Japan's olive and soy sauce industries but on this island hidden treasures abound.  From hidden temples built into the caldera walls of its extinct volcano to the near 800 terraced rice fields of the Nakayama Senmaida and the countless number of art installations dotting its beautiful landscape, Shodoshima is a destination not to be missed.

'Dream of Olive', Taiwanese artist Wen Chin Wang's third iteration of his 5000 bamboo tree structures (following 2010's 'House of Shodoshima' and 2013's 'Light of Shodoshima' is scheduled for demolition this November.  

The nearly 800 terraced rice fields of the Nakayama Senmaida.

Our team is full of artists and art lovers and we have gone to great lengths to explore these islands and 'discover' all of their hidden treasures.  We provide access to stunning accommodations, delicious food, amazing art, and seamless transportation.  Come join us for a truly once-in-a-lifetime 'ART' experience!

The Seto Inland see at sunset

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