Discover Shikoku Update

Our corner of Japan remains operating business as usual.  Very few companies have closed and everyday life continues mostly uninterrupted. That is not to say that we are unaffected, we do have a number of infections in our region but the numbers remain relatively low and our local healthcare systems have not been overwhelmed and seem to be coping well.  

Discover Shikoku has always been guided by a philosophy based in privacy and exclusivity.  Accordingly, single buyout accommodations, private dining, private chefs, and private luxury transportation is our normal method of operation.  While there are no guarantees in a global pandemic, adjusting to the realities of travel in a post-corona world is not a significant leap for us and we remain confident in our ability to provide the safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable of travel experiences possible.  

We are the same amazing inspirational destination we've always been and our team remains fully operational.  When you feel ready to explore the wonders of Japan again, we'll be here waiting to make your vacation something truly special.

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