A Kochi Kind of Blue

The Niyodo River, together with the Shimanto and Yoshino rivers are the three major rivers on the island of Shikoku.  While the Shimanto is famous for being Japan's last remaining free flowing river, it is the Niyodo which is famous for its otherworldly iridescent blueish green hue known locally as 'Niyodo Blue'.  This unique color is derived from a particular green shale, found nowhere else in the world, which lines the beds of these three rivers.

Considered a 'miracle of clarity', the Niyodo river and its tributaries are some of the clearest waters in all of Japan.  One of those tributaries, the Nakatsu river is home to the 300 million year old Nakatsu Gorge, one of Japan's most breathtaking natural formations.  The 2.3 kilometer hike around, over, and between boulders that vary in size from small buses to apartment blocks, has you eventually arriving at the jaw-dropping Uryu-No-Taki waterfall.  A renowned 'power spot' in Japan, this is an absolute Must See destination!

Every tributary of the Niyodo river is filled with massive boulders, crystal clear water, wildlife, and adventure.  Perfect for a day of hiking, a quick dip on a summer afternoon, or a gourmet picnic.  

So if you'd like to experience the beauty of Japan in its most natural state let us take you away to this amazing network of of remote river valleys in Kochi prefecture where you can breathe nature in, soothe your soul, and simply let yourself go.

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