Bespoke Photography Tours

Welcome to Japan's only bespoke photography tour focusing on the Seto Inland Sea region

Our instructional bespoke photography tours, limited to a maximum of 6 participants and conducted by internationally published landscape and travel photographer, Sean Brecht, are tailored specifically to your photography goals and can be expanded to encompass your overall Japan itinerary.  There is no better way to hone your skillset while photographing one of the worlds most intriguing geographic and culturally diverse destinations.  With over 30 years experience living and working in Japan, Sean is a highly regarded Japan guide & storyteller.

Why not expand this photography tour to your wider Japan itinerary?   

From humble villages decimated by rural depopulation to the heart-wrenching history of Hiroshima and the mystical ambience of  Miyajima(the island where Gods dwell), Shikoku and the Seto Inland Sea afford an endless photographic feast for the senses.  

Exquisite cuisine, fine organic wines, craft beers and sake await your arrival every evening at some of Japan's most unique luxury accommodations.  Follow up dinner and a relaxing soak in the onsen bath with a review of that days images and some editing tips.

Inquiries & Reservations

Our bespoke guided Photography Tours are applicable to any wider Japan itinerary.  For specific pricing and itinerary requests please contact us directly HERE or inquire through your local travel agent.

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