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Kyoto Underground!
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Kyoto Underground!
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Kyoto Underground!

An intimate, unique and exclusive trip to an elusive Kyoto. 

About Kyoto Underground! 

Established in the Japanese cultural capital for more than ten years, we have built
relationships of trust with various locals. Whether in the arts, culture, crafts or
gastronomy sector, our unique network is at your disposal for an intimate and immersive
journey to the heart of Japanese culture.

Unforgettable encounters with exceptional craftsmen. 

We work closely with Unjapan.jp, a high-end craft promotion platform from Japan. This
collaboration allows us to give you access to the workshops of great Japanese masters, for
privatized experiences accessible nowhere else. If you are interested in a craftsmen from the
Unjapan Youtube channel, we can organize a private visit for you when you come to Kyoto.

Expert guides in Kyoto

Discover the authentic Kyoto thanks to our expert guides and experience a truly immersive
and intimate journey. You will not only discover the essentials of the city but you will meet
local actors and visit secret locations, far from the tourist crowd.

Private experiences

All the experiences we offer can be privatized. We can also organize visits to workshops of
renowned craftsmen, accessible only by our services.

Do you offer any other services?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Do not hesitate to contact us to create your tailor-made stay.

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you regarding any questions you might have about our services in the Kansai area.

For all inquiries please reach out to us here.

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