where it all just comes together

Sometimes it just all seems to come together...

We discovered Uchiko early in our explorations of Shikoku and we haven't found anything that surpasses it yet.  Set against the backdrop of a beautifully preserved centuries old town complete with Kabuki theatre and candle wax factory is a thriving community of characters straight out of central casting.  Dozens of traditional and modern artisan craftsmen, friendly and engaging grade schoolers anxious to practice their English with passing visitors, and elderly villagers belting out karaoke from noon til midnight.  It's a thriving community, not dependent upon but welcoming of travelers from around the globe.

Home to one of Japans oldest and most authentic washi paper factories and a 4th generation traditional candle maker, this town is set in the foothills of some of Ehime prefectures most beautiful landscape.   Home to forgotten shrines, hidden temples, terraced rice fields, and shiitake mushroom farms, this place has it all.  Wether you're in search of a traditional stay or a luxurious overnight experience you will find what you're looking for in Uchiko.

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